Podcast: Roll With The Punches with CounterPunch 

Recently, I appeared on my good friend Tiffanee Cook’s podcast “Roll With The Punches.”

Click below to listen in…

Topics Covered in this Podcast:

  • The origins of CounterPunch and why it was create
  • My journey that led up to the creation of CounterPunch as it is today – from athlete to coach and eventually psychologist
  • How the biggest variable in sports performance is the mindset component
  • Why I gave up a 60,000 Euro scholarship to move to Australia
  • Identifying opportunities in moments of adversity
  • The psychology behind why teenagers often have communication issues with their parents
  • My perspective on the value of psychological diagnoses/labels, and how they can be harmful
  • Why I choose to train combat coaches in CounterPunch instead of school teachers and mental health practitioners


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