CounterPunch™ in the Media

2022 August - The Great Coaches Podcast

In this podcast, hosts Paul Barnett and Jim Woolfrey explore leadership through the lens of high-performance sport, specifically on building resilience with myself and 10 other great coaches.

2022 August - Brainz Magazine

Combat sport is a highly effective way to reduce all sorts of anxiety - including work anxiety. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs I know are well-versed in combat sport. To help other entrepreneurs and business owners understand the benefits combat sport can bring, I wrote an article about this topic for Brainz Magazine.

2022 June - The YOU Project Podcast

Craig Harper is one of Australia’s leading presenters, writers and educators in the areas of health, high-performance, resilience, self-management, leadership, corporate change, communication, stress management, addiction and personal transformation. Upon hearing about CounterPunch I was invited to join his podcast as a guest.

2022 May - Roll With The Punches Podcast

Tiffannee Cook is a mate of mine and a fellow lady boxer. After chatting with her about our shared love of boxing and psychology, she invited me to jump onto her podcast and share our discussion about helping kids become emotionally equipped and resilient with the rest of her audience.

2021 February - A Magical Life Podcast

"A Magical Life" is dedicated to helping people heal. In this podcast, Magic Barclay invited me to talk about CounterPunch and share my Tom and Jerry analogy for emotional regulation.

2021 February - The Courier

CounterPunch alumni Jayden Hunter and Jalen Bonilla were featured in The Courier as rising stars in amateur boxing. Hunter won the 2020 junior boxer of the year, while Bonilla held the junior Challenge belt. Both credited CounterPunch for their growth and success.

2019 November - Youthwise Magazine

I was delighted to be asked to contribute an editorial to Youthwise magazine on the mental health benefits of boxing from a Psychologist perspective - adding just a few psychological concepts to this medium provides a powerful tool for change.

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2019 October - Mount Barker Courier

After hearing about the success of CounterPunch, The Mount Barker Courier decided to feature us. As a psychologist and boxing coach, it was heartening to see our unique approach to teenager's mental and physical health gain recognition. I shared my philosophies about the importance of holistic wellness, intertwining mental resilience with physical strength.

2017 August - Sligo Champion


2017 August - 102.5 OceanFM Ireland


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2013 September - Sunday Territorian