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Hear What Others Are Saying...

Adam Gulla

Krav Maga Combat Coach

"When I got introduced to CounterPunch a few years ago, I thought "what an amazing program! This needs to be everywhere!".

As a martial artist and a combat coach, I'm always looking at ways of empowering young boys to be more confident and resilient.

While yes, physical exercise in general provides many mental benefits, Merc's CounterPunch method takes the teaching of combat sport to the next level. It's an amazing tool that utilises combat sports in a very unique way to bridge the education gap that we currently have through our school system – to equip teenagers with the life skills necessary to improve their mental and emotional state at any time, any where, on command.

It's not only beneficial for empowering teens – I can see how this is a great way to differentiate my combat gym's services and I'm excited to be implementing her method into my business."

Angie Prime
School Teacher

Coming into the workshop I was hoping to get some skills and strategies to help students who are dealing with anxiety, depression and to develop some self-regulatory skills...

It's really exceeded my expectations... I mean, I found it most useful for myself which I didn't expect. Merc's psychology background has really taught me a lot about why I behave the way I do at certain times, which I didn't think I'd be coming here to learn about myself, but I really have.

I also found the boxing skills a lot of fun – I think a lot of teachers need to do this course, especially leadership groups, counsellors...

I think coming here is just a totally different experience. It'll only add value. So very grateful that I've been shown this."

Jess Reed

Mental Health Clinician

I was really excited when I found out about CounterPunch because I love the whole mind-body connection in mental health.

Learning all the different strategies to connect with young people, particularly working with values and what drives behaviour and how we can elicit more positive behaviour using these mediums — I can see how passionate Merc is about it.

And I can really see the benefits of applying this – particularly in early intervention but I can see it working with fairly disengaged kids as well. And just to learn how to engage young people through the physical side but with the psychology also backing it up.

Merc simplifies it so that it's easily useable and you don't have to be in clinical psychology to deliver this program."

Aine Conlon

KickBoxing Coach

"One thing I got from Mercedas was how to connect better with my clients (especially teenagers) and teach them skills beyond physical combat training.

It's given me a lot more confidence knowing that I can offer something unique and impactful, and I'm looking forward to how it'll transform my business."

What Is The CounterPunch™ Method?

And Why Combat Coaches?

Teenagers go through a period of rapid transformation and identification as they transition into adulthood – and with that comes many emotional challenges.

They're flooded with new emotions they haven't felt before and don't know how to manage, and they're consistently trying to balance between the identity of being a dependent child versus an independent young adult.

The CounterPunch™ method teaches teenagers practical tools to both understand and effectively master the life skills needed to recognise, manage and express emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger and depression in a healthy manner – skills that if teenagers don't learn, can affect the quality of their lives later in adulthood.

The Problem With Traditional Forms Of Therapy And Counselling For Teens

The first thought that might come to mind is that this is the role of psychologists and counsellors, as they are specialists in this field.

The problem with this is 3-fold:

  1. It's often only when teenagers have gone through severe experiences for a prolonged period of time that they end up seeing a psychologist:
    • Many of these severe experiences can be managed and prevented beforehand with the right self-management tools.
    • Not all teenagers seek and/or receive therapy and are therefore left helpless.
  2. There is stigma associated with "having to see a therapist"
    • Teenagers are very self-conscious about how they appear, especially to their peers.
    • The last thing they want to associate with their newly forming identity as they grow up is someone who "needs help."
  3. Traditional forms of counselling and therapy are boring and do not work with teenagers:
    • Adults are content to sit face-to-face and use talk therapy.
    • Young people on the other hand, don't like this method. Talk therapy can often take the form of intermittent grunts and rushing out the door at the first opportunity.

That's where the CounterPunch™ method comes in to fill the gap.

Rather than only addressing the mental health side of things, or just the physical health side of things, CounterPunch looks at addressing the skill and knowledge gap in a truly wholistic manner in order to help teenagers develop into fully functioning adults that can reach their true potential in life – we refer to this as the Performance Jigsaw™.

In my many years working with young people, I have found that the need to feel empowered, significant and competent is the biggest factor driving teenagers' behaviour.

And the easiest way for teenagers to feel this sense of empowerment is on a physical level — something you already help them with.

That's where you (the combat coach) come in, and why I need your help.

Hear What Teenagers Are Saying...

Zac Nash

Teenager, 16 years old

"The CounterPunch program really helped me to learn how to deal with my emotions internally, and through that, it gave me a better understanding of how my emotions actually work, which led to a massive improvement on how I was feeling in just my day to day life.

And as I progressed through the CounterPunch program, I had the opportunity to work with some other kids dealing with their own problems.

And from the time I started assisting in the group sessions to when we finished, I saw a massive improvement in things like confidence, communication skills, mental resilience, resistance to negative peer pressure.

Overall, I think the CounterPunch program has helped so many people and I don't know where I'd be today without it."

Ben Reissenweber

Teenager, 17 years old

"The CounterPunch program to me was a great way to learn a bit more about myself and gain some new skills – which have already been really handy.

One thing I particularly got out of it is improved sense of self-confidence and self-esteem, and even self-awareness. And moving forward in life, I'm confident that these skills are really handy.

It feels great having those tools available. I'd highly recommend it to anyone. It's a really valuable experience."