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CounterPunch is a 20 to 24-week results-based program  that utilises a mix of performance psychology, sports science and boxing. The program teaches teenagers practical tools to both understand and effectively master the life skills needed to manage emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger and depression.

Whether it's developing higher emotional intelligence, understanding communication skills, gaining confidence or knowing how to self-motivate and stay resilient in the face of challenges, you will see results fast!

In a fun, interactive, and teenager-friendly environment, we reveal and break down advanced strategies invented by award-winning leaders in the fields of positive psychology, exercise science, health and nutrition, and communication.

Strategies that the world's top performers use to propel them to success. Strategies your teenager can easily apply to achieve outstanding results in any area of their life.

CounterPunch has been featured in the 730 show on ABC TV,  Channel 9, The Sunday Territorian, YouthWise magazine and validated its methodology over a 2-year, state government-funded study with the Menzies School of Health Research.

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