This unique behavioral program has a flexible application to the specific needs of individuals and groups. It teaches young people how to meet their needs, create good relationships and develop and maintain resilience and self–worth, as well as how to be responsible for their choices and be proactive in their own well-being. It’s a tool that gives Coaches, Teachers, Parents or any agency that works with youth, an effective option to connect with youth, especially those who may be struggling to reach their potential. The CounterPunch curriculum is designed for flexible application. Elements can be used in any environment be it the footy pitch or the classroom. It easily fits with national curriculum standards for education, and in its purest format is delivered over the school year in three phases, which are:

Phase 1 Stepping into the Ring

·       Learn the basics of physical preparation, physiology and  Boxing            technique.

·       What should I eat, lifestyle education.

·       How to set and achieve value linked goals.

·       Problem solving and have fun doing it!


Phase 2 Mastering your Ring Craft

·       Develop your CV!

·       What is the Performance Jigsaw?

·       The 4 C’s of Mental Fitness

·       Techniques and tactics of boxing.

·       Techniques and tactics for life.

·       How to use values to change behaviour.


Phase 3 Master Your Self

·       How to feel good by changing your physiology.

·       Clean the windscreen and change your perspective.

·       What motivates me? What do I need?

·       What’s important to me?

·       Who’s the boss?

·       Make the change!

The CounterPunch program aligns with school well-being policies and programs including 

  • ·       Health and physical education year 7 & 8 
  • ·       SACE Integrated Learning Stage 1 & 2
  • ·       Community studies

CounterPunch can also be delivered as an intensive three-day facilitator training for parents, teachers, youth workers, coaches or service providers who want to learn the CounterPunch strategies for their own personal or professional well-being. Contact us for more details