What can sport teach us about life? What if we applied a successful athletes approach to winning to winning in life? Sport may not be your thing. You may have no particular drive to win. You may not be particularly competitive BUT we would all like to win at life right? We all want to be happy?

What makes an athlete successful? What do they have that you don’t? What defines them? What can we learn from their approach to being successful and utilise in our lives?

What do successful athletes do differently? “Normal” people dream about what would make us happy, that dream job, getting rich, meeting the love of your life. We think about it often and then carry on the daily grind, work, eat sleep, repeat!

Successful athletes do the same. They also have a daily grind in which they work, eat, sleep, repeat. However, their grind is purposeful. They visualise the goal, they feel it but most of all THEY TAKE ACTION toward their goal! They do the daily grind but their daily grind is about ACTIONING their dream.

Every day they visualise the goal. They see every detail of that World title, that Olympic gold, They Feel it but most importantly of all they take action toward their goal.

Action is the key element of Total Behavior. Action is the key element of any success!

Thinking and Dreaming alone WILL NOT get you there!

Taking ACTION will certainly get you closer. Take the first step 😊


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