How to Double your Combat Gym Business without Doubling Your Hours

(by attracting the 60% of the market your competitors can't reach)

In this exclusive live virtual training, you'll discover the simple formula we've used to helped combat gyms in Australia businesses charge more for their services and grow their business without much extra work.

A Few Organisations We've Worked With

What We'll Be Covering During The Masterclass

You'll get our proven 3-phase system that has helped combat coaches to reliably and consistently grow their business while transforming the lives of thousands of teenagers

About Your Presenters

Hi, I'm Mercedas

(I answer to "Merc")For the last 35 years I have been honing and combining my skills as a:

  • martial artist
  • combat coach
  • sports and exercise scientist
  • registered psychologist

Into an overarching, fun-filled and evidence-based program to guide young people toward achieving their undoubted potential.

I call it the CounterPunch method.

More Highlights From Our Presentation

  • How to charge more for your services by combining it with science-backed mental fitness tools
  • How to attract Clients from the 60% of the market your competitors don't Have Access To
  • How to grow your gym without much extra work by running mental fitness workshops

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If you want to take your combat gym business to the next level, and would like a simple and reliable marketing system that consistently scales businesses. Then this live training is not to be missed. Book your spot now!

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