How To Grow Your

Combat Gym / Dojo

Without Burning Out!

(For combat gym owners that are sick of traditional business advice and want a meaningful solution)

The methods covered in this guide have saved combat coaches from having to rely on soul-sucking traditional advice  to grow their business, and instead, re-connect to their  passion that got them started in the first place.

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Adam Gulla
Krav Maga Combat Gym Owner

"When I got introduced to CounterPunch a few years ago, I thought "what an amazing program! This needs to be everywhere!".

As a martial artist and a combat gym owner, I'm always looking at ways of empowering young boys to be more confident and resilient.

While yes, physical exercise in general provides many mental benefits, Merc's CounterPunch method takes the teaching of combat sport to the next level. It's an amazing tool that utilises combat sports in a very unique way to bridge the education gap that we currently have through our school system ā€“ to equip teenagers with the life skills necessary to improve their mental and emotional state at any time, any where, on command.

It's not only beneficial for empowering teens ā€“ I can see how this is a great way to differentiate my combat gym's services and I'm excited to be implementing her method into my business."

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You'll discover the 5 things combat gym owners do to grow their business successfully in the short-term, but at the expense of long-term sustainability. (Hint: these strategies also keep them trapped in their business.)


As combat gym owners, you are actually in the best position to make the biggest difference in society in ways most teachers and psychologists can't ā€“ I'll explain why in this guide.


Time and time again, I see even elite athletes get let down simply because they only focus on training 2 aspects of fitness. You'll learn all the pieces of the puzzle and how they all fit together.


There are 3 essential stages that you must walk your clients through as you're training them in combat sport to keep them fully engaged. Most combat gyms stay at the first stage. I'll show you the other 2.

Hi, I'm Mercedas Taaffe-Cooper

Hi, Iā€™m Mercedas Taaffe-Cooper, an ex-athlete turned combat coach, combat gym owner and psychologist. I help teenagers learn life skills by fusing principles of psychology with combat sport, and as part of that, help combat gym owners grow their business by tapping into this new market.

My "How To Grow Your Combat Gym Guide Without Burning Out" guide has been responsible for helping my fellow combat gym owners find ways to differentiate themselves in their market and tap back into their love for combat sport instead of getting caught up with traditional business growth activities they find soul-sucking.

You started your combat gym because you love the sport. It's time to re-ignite that fire from within and start transforming teen lives while growing your business!

What Other Combat Coaches and Gym Owners Have To Say...

Phillip & Ryan Goodes

(Boxing Gym Owners)

"We're passionate about combat sports and have been combat coaches since 1993.

Really looking forward to be implementing Merc's methods to not only transform youths in our community but also give our a business a unique selling point."

Aine Conlon

(KickBoxing Coach)

"One thing I got from Mercedas was how to connect better with my clients (especially teenagers) and teach them skills beyond physical combat training.

It's given me a lot more confidence knowing that I can offer something unique and impactful, and I'm looking forward to how it'll transform my business."

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