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Without Burning Out

By making a positive difference to teenagers' lives

and add an extra $24,000 to your gym with 5 hours invested per week
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and find out if the CounterPunch â„¢ program is the right fit for you

Why Combat Gym Owners Get CounterPunchâ„¢ Certified

CounterPunch Facilitator-training

Because you want to grow your combat gym in a highly leveraged way that doesn't require too much investment of time, energy and money.

Because you see gaps in the education and societal system, and you want to help educate young people not just academically, but also mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Because you want to take your combat gym to the next level and stand out with the services you offer.

Because you believe societal harmony and a sustainable future is cultivated from developing the youth of today.

Because you see a great opportunity to tap into the hardest market to recruit into combat gyms – teenagers.

Because you're passionate about helping teenagers grow up with every means at their disposal to live a happy, successful and rewarding life.

What Is The CounterPunchâ„¢ Method? And Why Combat Gym Owners?

Teenagers go through a period of rapid transformation and identification as they transition into adulthood – and with that comes many emotional challenges.

They're flooded with new emotions they haven't felt before and don't know how to manage, and they're consistently trying to balance between the identity of being a dependent child versus an independent young adult.

The CounterPunch™ method teaches teenagers practical tools to both understand and effectively master the life skills needed to recognise, manage and express emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger and depression in a healthy manner – skills that if teenagers don't learn, can affect the quality of their lives later in adulthood.

The Problem With Traditional Forms Of Therapy And Counselling For Teens

The first thought that might come to mind is that this is the role of psychologists and counsellors, as they are specialists in this field.

The problem with this is 3-fold:

  1. It's often only when teenagers have gone through severe experiences for a prolonged period of time that they end up seeing a psychologist:
    • Many of these severe experiences can be managed and prevented beforehand with the right self-management tools.
    • Not all teenagers seek and/or receive therapy and are therefore left helpless.

  2. There is stigma associated with "having to see a therapist"
    • Teenagers are very self-conscious about how they appear, especially to their peers.
    • The last thing they want to associate with their newly forming identity as they grow up is someone who "needs help."

  3. Traditional forms of counselling and therapy are boring and do not work with teenagers:
    • Adults are content to sit face-to-face and use talk therapy.
    • Young people on the other hand, don't like this method. Talk therapy can often take the form of intermittent grunts and rushing out the door at the first opportunity.

That's where the CounterPunchâ„¢ method comes in to fill the gap.

Rather than only addressing the mental health side of things, or just the physical health side of things, CounterPunch looks at addressing the skill and knowledge gap in a truly wholistic manner in order to help teenagers develop into fully functioning adults that can reach their true potential in life – we refer to this as the Performance Jigsawâ„¢ (you'll learn more about this in the guide).

Why Combat Gym Owners?

As a combat gym owners, we’re in a very privileged position where we can have a massive influence over the lives of the young people that we coach.


Because we carry many advantages when it comes to educating teenagers:

  • Unlike teachers who teens go to because they HAVE to learn, teenagers go to us because they WANT to learn
  • Unlike traditional psychological therapy which requires sitting down and speaking 1-on-1, we naturally engage teens
    through the sport that we teach

The combat sport that we teach is the engagement part of the puzzle that’s missing in our educa6on and psychology system – it’s the reason teens come to us.

Once they’re in our gym, it’s our job to maintain their interest and keep them there.

And we do that with the CounterPunchâ„¢ method.

and find out if the CounterPunchâ„¢ program is the right fit for you