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About CounterPunch™

What Teachers and Mental Health Specialists Say

Angie Prime
(School Teacher)

Jess Reed
(Mental Health Clinician)

Coming into the workshop I was hoping to get some skills and strategies to help students who are dealing with anxiety, depression and to develop some self-regulatory skills...

It's really exceeded my expectations... I mean, I found it most useful for myself which I didn't expect. Merc's psychology background has really taught me a lot about why I behave the way I do at certain times, which I didn't think I'd be coming here to learn about myself, but I really have.

I also found the boxing skills a lot of fun – I think a lot of teachers need to do this course, especially leadership groups, counsellors...

I think coming here is just a totally different experience. It'll only add value. So very grateful that I've been shown this."

I was really excited when I found out about CounterPunch because I love the whole mind-body connection in mental health.

Learning all the different strategies to connect with young people, particularly working with values and what drives behaviour and how we can elicit more positive behaviour using these mediums — I can see how passionate Merc is about it.

And I can really see the benefits of applying this – particularly in early intervention but I can see it working with fairly disengaged kids as well. And just to learn how to engage young people through the physical side but with the psychology also backing it up.

Merc simplifies it so that it's easily useable and you don't have to be in clinical psychology to deliver this program."