You can't spell C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E without C.H.A.N.G.E. 

If you're going to rise to the challenge, you have to be prepared for change.

Mercedas Taaffe-Cooper

Individual Psychology Services

Private one to one consultations for adults and teenagers (10 to 19yrs)

Emotions are powerful.

Sometimes so powerful they take control of your behaviour.

Whether you're:

  • Struggling with stress, anxiety and low mood
  • Having difficulty managing your anger and anxiety
  • Lacking confidence
  • Low self-esteem
  • Are feeling disconnected
  • Are just looking for direction in life

These one-on-one consultations are designed to help you turn things around, and equip you with the tools to take back control of your life.

Who is it for?

Mercedas specialises in clients who are struggling to regulate their emotions (as listed above).

What happens during a session?

The goal of our time together is to challenge our thinking and change our “Doing”. While we welcome a discussion of the history of your problem, our focus will be on present circumstances and finding helpful ways to respond to them. We will likely invite you to undertake some tasks between sessions. It will be essential for you to attempt these to produce an effective outcome.

How is it different?

CounterPunch Psychology is unique in that it uses physical activity as a medium of therapeutic intervention combined with a Reality Therapy / Choice Theory and Performance Psychology framework.

Initially, clients participate in individual sessions and can opt to transition into a group program that provides support on an ongoing basis. Mercedas also offers bulk-billing as part payment.

Mercedas Taaffe-Cooper


Masters Clinical Psychology (UTAS)

BSc Psychology

BSc Sports & Exercise Science

Diploma of Psychotherapy & Counselling (National University of Ireland)

Reality Therapy Certification

Practice Location:

10 Wilson Court, Mount Barker SA 5251

‘After 3 years with anxiety and depression, Merc has helped me to overcome my daily struggles – both physically and mentally. It has turned my life around. I highly recommend CounterPunch Psychology for both adults and teens alike. “

Renee (Former Client)

"Great for my focus and confidence. Taught me self-discipline. It helped me pretty much with everything at school when I moved interstate."

Connor (Former Client - 14 years old)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer clients?

Clients can be referred by contacting Mercedas directly.



Mob: 0411533004

If bulk-billing a GP referral letter is required.


Under the Better Access for Mental Health Scheme, up to 10 visits per year receive a Medicare rebate where there are a valid Mental Health Care Plan and GP referral in place. The policy of CounterPunch Psychology Services is to charge a $90 Gap for clients who do not hold a concession card. Concession card holders gap fee is $30.

Privately paying clients

For privately paying clients who are not covered by Medicare, our fee is $170 per session, some of which can usually be claimed back if you have private health cover. It would be wise to confer with your fund before your visit.


Keeping Appointments

We appreciate that circumstances may require appointments to be rescheduled. It is essential to give us as much notice as possible so that we can offer available appointments to other clients who are seeking a consultation. CounterPunch Psychology Services reserves the right to charge clients a $50 non-attendance fee where appointments are missed without 24 hours’ notice. This fee will be the responsibility of the client and not other paying parties.

“Mercedas and her program changed my son’s life completely. CounterPunch has increased his self-esteem hugely, helped him overcome anxiety and fear, now exhibiting tolerance and empathy. He has ceased all medications and counselling, obtained his driver’s license and become one of the programs young leaders."

Keith, Parent

I learnt a lot about myself in the months I was there, Merc you taught me a lot about who I could be. When I started I wasn’t trying to achieve anything but now I am. I believed in the program from the start and will use my voice to show what this program did for me”

Matt (Client, 16 years)