I just want people to know that boxing as a therapy can help everyone overcome difficulties

Mercedas Taaffe Cooper

What’s it like to travel the globe in search of a program for optimal mental health and physical health?

Meet the Lady’s masters Boxing Champion and mental health coach of CounterPunch Boxing

One of the most popular guests of 2017 this time Merc is here interviewed by coach Jeff, to delve deep onto mental health for the youth of the nation and any individual for that matter, merc has gleaned from her extraordinary adventure based boxing experiences as a widely recognised boxing coach and a boxing champion over the years.

Perhaps best know for her work as the owner and founder of the counterpunch boxing programme. This formula has a proven track record for steering youths that are on a path to destruction and depression back onto a productive path, she touches on topics such as teen suicide and how the programme was called in by the NT government.

This lady who walks her talk from boxing to mental health therapy she practices what she preaches, this is a no hype conversation that you can incorporate into your routine. Its a mind-blowing discourse on the importance of physical movement that will take your breath away.

But ultimately the conversation is about big picture fundamentals – how to help people overcome lies pressures and anxieties and incorporate lifestyle habits with staying powers to extend your well-being and preserve a good and happy mental health, through the power of boxing style discipline.

Specific Topics Covered include:
  • Master champions
  • Origing in ireland
  • Counterpunch Program
  • Mental Health
  • Youth rehabilitation program

The masters boxing podcast is run by coach Jeff and this is one of the best discussions, well worth a listen



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